Most welding helmets we see are the boring dark colored ones with the awkward lens and that’s just it. If you have to wear them all day long and if you are serious about welding as a life long profession, there is no reason for you not to invest a bit in customized helmets, that show off your personality a bit.

If you are looking for a unique design for a welding helmet, skull welding helmets are probably the coolest craziest designs you can get your hands on.

For those who want to dazzle their co-workers and friends, the skull welding helmet is for you. There are a lot of options available to you that are not only stylish but also very practical when it comes to being operational, safe and comfortable.

Some of the most popular welding helmets around today are the skull welding helmets. And yes, these helmets come with a skull design in a variety of styles. But keep in mind, the style is only one aspect of the helmet. One also needs to get a welding helmet that is functional and provides the right amount of protection needed to do welding.

You will need to have an efficient helmet to survive in the welding business. Therefore, it’s important to get a helmet that provides both UV and infrared light protection for your eyes.  Although some bargain helmets don’t afford good protection for the eyes, there are some out there that are quite worthy of using with the proper care. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to sacrifice durability and functionality to stay within a certain price range.

Not all skull welding masks are created equal. So, make a list of the features you would like to have in the helmet you want to buy.  Always make sure your helmet has auto-darkening ability or the ability to react to the environment.  That way, you can keep the eye cover on to see your work when the welder is not in use. With the auto-darkening feature, the helmet knows to darken the view when the welder is in use and to return to normal view when the welder is not in use without you having to adjust the settings.  Also, make sure your helmet has durability.

These welding helmets with varying ranges of skulls as the design can be a real head turner. You can pretty much pick up skull welding helmets on most online stores, though I do prefer the range on Amazon, as most pass safety regulations, after all they have a function to fill, beyond looking scary as F***.

As for the price, it depends on the type and design that the helmet has. You will find that there are many other auto welding helmets that also have special designs, like gothic artwork and custom design. The more custom the design, the higher the price usually, some simply use high quality decals, while others try and make the design part of the helmet.

Below are the top reviewed skull welding helmets:

Top Pick: Antra AH6-66O-6218

When using this helmet for TIG, MIG and plasma and arc welding, we discovered this helmet functions amazingly in almost all situations. The settings are simple to use, and there are external adjustment knobs that you can use to adjust the shade from 5 to 13. The grinding mode and switching speed (extremely fast from what we observed) gives this helmet a lot of versatility and protection from blinding. As far as comfort is concerned, this helmet can be used for hours.

There is one drawback of this helmet: its delicate design. You must use caution when handling this helmet because there’s the potential for parts to break when the unit is dropped. So, the durability of this helmet is not as good as some of the other heavier-duty helmets. However, if you are not a careless user, you should be able to use this helmet for a very long time.

Best Design Save Phace Marvel Comics Venom Gen Y

Design meets quality when it comes to this helmet. And it’s no surprise because Save Phace is popular for creating welding helmets with high-quality features and creative designs. You will impress all your co-workers and friends with this upscale functioning helmet because it has strong durability and quick auto-darkening features. The external controls are very simple to operate, and the helmet has a wide view, which makes it ideal for viewing your work.

However, there is one problem that creeps up after prolonged use of the helmet. You will soon realize the design is not airbrushed painted onto the helmet; it’s really a sticker placed on the helmet. So, when you are exposed to high temperatures, the design will melt or blister in some places, which will eventually distort the look of the design. Also, the external control knobs will work themselves loose, causing the helmet to fall often. To remedy this, all you have to do is tighten the knobs. For the most part, this helmet is still a good choice.

Cheapest – Redtail Red Skull

This helmet is a beauty with intricate design that is sure to make you look exceptional on the job or when you are doing hobbies. The lightweight structure also makes this helmet very comfortable to use for extended welding times.

Keep in mind that this product is cheap, so some of the pieces on the helmet are easy to break—especially the headband. If you are cautious when using your helmet, you should be able to get a lot of use out of this product.

Points to keep in mind when selecting your skull welding helmet

Those that are made primarily for the design and not functionality will not be that comfortable to wear and should be avoided at all costs.  Our reviews are concerning helmets that are made for comfort instead of just design.

Make sure that your design is done by a professional hood designer because painting on a welding hood is not like painting a regular piece of art on a canvas. Try to find a hood designer who has previous experience in designing welding hoods, and review the designer’s past works to determine if this designer has the right style for you.

Because the paint will eventually start to chip when exposed to various elements from welding (like radiation and sparks), make it a habit to put your helmet away in a secure location when not in use. If you take good care of your helmet, you should be able to get long-term use out of it.